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Purchase Tickets


Early Bird Tickets: $265+bf (on sale now)

General Ticket Rounds and Payment Plans to be announced soon.

Youth Tickets (14-17 years): $150 at the gate.

Children 0-13: Free Entry!


Important Ticket Information



For our 2019 festival edition, we are selling tickets through Ticketbooth, using an E-Ticket system.  This E-Ticket system will make it easy for you to digitally store your ticket, print out if you want a physical version, and re-issue the ticket if you accidentally lose your ticket.  You will need to bring your ticket printed out or on a mobile device to be scanned at the Front Gate for entry to the festival. 


Ticket issues/support

Email for any questions, issues and name changes on your tickets.


Photo ID / Name Changes

You must bring Photo ID to verify you are the ticket owner, and the name on your ticket must exactly match the name on your photo ID.  The only possible delegation of tickets is if the ticket owner has multiple tickets, they may may delegate additional tickets to people in the same vehicle.  Name changes can be organised by contacting and there is a $20 name change fee.  Name changes are available until 1 week before the festival - 9am Friday 8th of February.  


Payment Plans

If you prefer to pay off your festival tickets in fortnightly instalments, payment plans are available for first, second, and third round tickets.  To make the best use of the payment plan option, it is recommended to get your tickets early in the ticket round as the Ticketbooth Payment Plans work by dividing the ticket price by the number of remaining payment dates within a fixed range, so if you wait until the end of the First Round ticket allocation, the Payment Plan will only cover a small number of instalments and the price per instalment will be higher.  We do not offer payment plans for the early bird ticket rounds or fourth round tickets.


Vehicle Passes

As part of our efforts to reduce the festival's environmental footprint, promote car pooling and reduce the amount of traffic on the roads, there is a $30 vehicle pass fee. This vehicle pass replaces our voluntary, per-person carbon-offset donation, and additionally the income raised from this vehicle pass fee will go towards covering traffic management costs, supporting local environmental outcomes, and contributing to our road safety programs in the interests of a safe and sustainable festival.


Tickets for Children

Children aged 0-13 are granted free access to the festival. We love having a family friendly environment at the festival and this is our gesture towards making it easier for families to attend.  To participate in the Family Realm activities for kids, a family realm pass per child is required, see below.  Youth tickets for 14-17 years old are $150 and will be available at the gate. Please bring proof of age for any children attending to ensure access to free entry or discounted youth tickets.


Family Realm Passes

Earth Frequency Festival has been committed to running a family friendly festival with the introduction of the Kids Space in 2008, and a policy of free/discounted tickets for children. Now 10 years after it's humble beginnings in a single tipi with a dozen children, the Family Realm has become very popular and wildly exceeded our early ideas about what this space would ever be, with hundreds of children attending the space each year and a team that is barely able to keep up with the demand! The rate of growth, connection and learning has been phenomenal and we thank you for your love and support over the years.

To keep up with this amazing level of participation and to ensure that we can continue to provide quality workshops, entertainment and professional staff, we have introduced a $20 participation pass for the Family Realm per child. The Family Realm participation fee is being implemented to ensure that enough materials and professional staff can be made available to cover the growing interest in the space from all the beautiful Earth Frequency families, and to help us estimate the number of children that we will be providing for. This pass will be available to purchase online when you buy your tickets and every child over the age of 1 will require a pass to enter the Family Realm. Anyone purchasing a festival ticket (Adults and Youth) are not required to purchase the pass - it is only required for kids of ages 1-13 who gain free entry to the festival, to enter and participate in the Family Realm).


QTFN Donations

Please consider supporting our local environmental initiatives with our chosen environmental charity organisation - QTFN.  There are three QTFN donation options which will go towards revegetation and wildlife care in the local area of the festival. You can read more about our partnership with QTFN here.


Camping Upgrades

Deluxe Camping and Wow Tents will be on sale in August.